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Minggu, Juli 09, 2017

MEIKARTA Konsep Manhattan New York City Mulai DiBangun di Cikarang

Meikarta Cikarang Show Unit At Maxx Box Orange County. Info detail klik www.MeikartaTownship.com
stay & invest NOW


Our vision is to build the Biggest and Most Beautiful City in Indonesia for better living and better working.

ONLY IDR 2.000.000 #Refundable 
To Get Special Discount. 
Call Us & WhatsApp Now at  
0852 18 62 63 64

Note : Mulai Minggu,09 Juli 2017 demi kenyamanan dan kemudahan semua investor / pembeli MEIKARTA Nomor Handphone & WhatsApp kami jadikan satu di Nomor : 
HP/WA : 0852 18 62 63 64
1.                       Rp 278 Trillion Visionary New City with International standard by Lippo Group.

2.                       Strategic Location, at the economic heart of Indonesia. 60% of National Economy is in the area of Jakarta-Botabek-Bandung. 70% of that 60% is located in the center of Bekasi-Cikarang. Will become the home for 15 million people in the next 20 years.

3.                       Direct Captive Market
o    100,000 Business Owners
o    100,000 Managers
o    12,000 Expatriates

4.                       One in a life-time chance to own The most beautiful city in South East Asia, for living, working & playing

5.                       Fast Progress of development Hand over condominium in 1,5 years

6.                       All supporting facilities will be built simultaneously


Warm Regards,

YD Candra